Retain excellence round the year, without the Annual Retainership.

Your hiring needs go through highs and lows. Why should your recruiter be ‘fixed’?

Hiring needs in any organization – irrespective of the industry or niche – remain in a state of perpetual flux or transformation. There are several reasons for this such as seasonal spikes (when you need to ramp up your hiring), low seasons (when you don’t need the full bench strength of

recruiters any more) and sudden contingencies such as a new product that suddenly needs to be developed to respond to a competitor’s move, or an unplanned company branch in a new city that needs to be manned quickly with fresh talent. Organizations caught off guard due to this flux usually respond with a knee-jerk reaction by straining their limited resources or reaching out to their ‘emergency circles’. The result is usually a compromise on quality – talent that is available on short notice, and, not surprisingly, sub-par.

Hiring power when you need it. Respite from retainership costs when you don’t.

On Demand Recruiting provides highly specialized and precision targeted recruiting support to hiring teams and caters to both sudden and long-range recruiting requirements. In short, whenever the occasion demands it. Essentially, it means getting recruiters who get paid by the hour or project. We are fast entering an age where companies are moving away from temporary or contract hirers and turning to On Demand Recruiting Partners as a strategic, profitable and unbeatable business advantage.

A host of unique benefits. Delivered On-demand.

Recruiters-on-Demand come with a suite of benefits like experienced and specialist recruiters exclusively dedicated to your task, excellent quality of results right from Day One, an easy and flexible Plug-&-Play format, a non-disruptive format that syncs with your processes seamlessly, great talent pipelines for the future, zero contractual bindings, the power to scale and grow at will, and unique features like ‘ONE-DAY RECRUITER’ and ‘HALF DAY RECRUITER’ that boosts your organization’s hiring power for short periods of high impact.

Smart results. At smart costs.

Experienced recruiters usually come at a premium in today’s market. When you on-board someone as your in-house resource, you ensure that a sizeable retainership amount goes out of your kitty every month. Add regular incentive and appraisals – and you have a cost graph that’s starts high and keeps rising steadily. Compare this with Crypton Global Services Recruiters-on-Demand, who come for a fixed and reasonable monthly charge – no additions, strings or hidden costs.

In these times of smart business, Crypton Global Services ROD (Recruiter on Demand) brings you the smartest way to save on your recruitment costs while boosting the quality of your hires.

* Then there is the matter of the job portals and boards, with the better ones charging substantial monthly membership fees. With Crypton Global Services ROD, you save on that entire amount, since we are already members on these boards and portals, and are happy to pass on the pecuniary benefit to you.

* Another big area where Crypton Global Services ROD helps you rein-in expenses majorly are real estate (space taken on rent / ownership), infrastructure, connectivity (phone, broadband, etc) and staff facilities (refreshments, pickup & drop, etc). With our off-site team, you don’t spend a time on the liabilities in this list.

* With our veteran team of domain-experts, we help you optimize costs even more by cutting-down on training costs, as well.

* Recurring spends on Software and systems such as Technologies such as Application Tracking Systems are hardly ignore-able either – unless you are on our ROD program, of course.

* External vendor costs can be a recurring outlay on your balance sheet – going upto Rs 40K (or more) for just a couple of hires. With us, your cost in this area is exactly Rs 0!