Collect Co-Pays with POS Collections & Processing

Collect Patient Payments While Building Patient Satisfaction

High-deductible health plans and self-pay patients make patient financial responsibility a key part of your revenue stream. Not only must you collect more money directly from your patients than ever before, but you also need to keep them happy while you’re doing it. That’s the only way to build patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase Collection Rates by Making It Easier for Patients to Pay

The rise in high-deductible health plans means that many patients simply can’t afford to pay the full amount of their bills all at once. CRYPTON’s POS Collections and Processing solution helps you accept patient credit cards, debit cards, ACH, cash, and paper checks so it’s easy to collect co-pays and co-insurance. And most importantly, the solution easily processes payments made using an EMV chip card so you benefit from the additional security of end-to-end encryption for credit-card processing.

Easily Create Patient Payment Plans

In addition to simple co-pay collection, your staff must also collect other larger payments that may necessitate a payment plan. CRYPTON’s POS Collections and Processing solution makes setting up and managing recurring payment plans a fast and straightforward process for your staff. With CRYPTON’s POS Collections and Processing solution, you can easily adjust payment amounts and timeframes to create a plan that’s affordable for each patient. You can also automate deductions from patients’ bank accounts or credit cards, offering convenience for patients while helping ensure on-time payments. CRYPTON can help you configure payment plans that enforce your collection policies and that follow 

Stay Up-to-Date on Patient Balances and Demographics

CRYPTON’s POS Collections and Processing Solution can be augmented with a daily or hourly feed that includes patient demographics and balance information and allows staff to easily review patient balances and demographics to support collections and reduce errors. All transactions feed into a daily posting report that makes automated posting and reconciliation within your health information systems fast and easy.