Patient Statements & Communication

Collect Payments Using Easy-to-Understand Patient Statements

Patients often delay paying their healthcare bills—or refuse to pay them at all—simply because they don’t understand what they owe and why. These bills may take hours of staff time to create, fold, stamp, and address, not to mention the cost of postage and returned mail. With CRYPTON’s Patient Statements, you can design, create, and send patient statements that are easy for patients to understand and that drive reimbursement to your preferred payment options.

Patient Statement Process

Simply upload a statement file from your patient billing system to CRYPTON’s Patient Lockbox solution, and statements are created for you. CRYPTON designs each patient statement to ensure that it’s easy to understand and draws attention to your preferred payment options, including checks, credit cards, web payment portal, or phone. CRYPTON’s Patient Lockbox solution also fully customizes your statements to match your organization’s specifications. You can also print patient statements in black and white, two color, or in full color.

Communicate the Way Your Patients Prefer

CRYPTON’s Patient Statements provides the ability to e-deliver statements to patients who prefer to communicate via email. This method not only eliminates postage and material costs, but it also reduces the time it takes for patients to receive statements, and it makes it easy for patients to pay immediately. In addition, the solution also fulfills non-statement document delivery, including collection letters, appointment reminders, coupons, inserts, and other related correspondence.

Never Handle a Paper Check Again

CRYPTON’s Patient Statements are designed to integrate with Patient Lockbox, enhancing security and improving efficiency for handling paper checks. With CRYPTON’s Patient Lockbox, your patients’ checks go directly to your digital lockbox, where CRYPTON automatically converts them into EFT transactions and deposits them into your bank accounts.

Leverage Address Verification to Ensure Delivery

CRYPTON’s patient billing system offers sophisticated suppression and address verification functionality. The Patient Statement solution automatically double-checks communications against two national change-of-address databases, the National Change of Address database and the Coding Accuracy Support System, to help ensure prompt and accurate delivery, and ultimately, quicker payment.