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Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Solutions For Hospitals & Health Systems

The growing complexity of commercial and government payer requirements has made it more difficult than ever for hospitals and health systems to capture revenue. Even ‘well-oiled’ end-to-end revenue cycle management processes oftentimes require continual fine-tuning to reflect new requirements and regulations. To ensure accurate hospital Medicare reimbursement, you must also have a global view of your financial health and an integrated revenue cycle management strategy that focuses on collecting patient balances, proactively identifying missed revenue opportunities, taking extra precautions to avoid denials, and more.

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Think of Crypton Global Services LLC as your personal revenue detective company. Our integrated revenue cycle management services helps you uncover hidden revenue, discover hidden insurance coverage, and ensure accurate claims.
To Crypton, it’s not only about negotiating payer contracts. It’s about securing contract terms that benefit you financially.
It’s not only about submitting clean claims.

It’s about applying data analytics to look for charging anomalies and identify missing charges.

It’s not only about reducing denials. It’s about avoiding them entirely.

It’s not just about verifying eligibility in real-time. It’s about reducing self-pay by uncovering hidden coverage.

It’s not only about collecting patient payments. It’s about seamless and consumer-friendly collection processes that your patients expect.

Ultimately, it’s not just about solving your payment problems. It’s about solving those problems intuitively.

Our Business Motto is Plain and simple – we Crypton Global Services LLC are “In Business for Business”