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Healthcare RCM Solutions for Rehabilitation Services Organizations

Leaving healthcare reimbursement on the table is never a good idea, yet that’s exactly what many Rehabilitation service providers do each and every day, especially Physical Therapist and Chiropractor’s. You simply don’t have the internal resources to comb through every payer policy and regulation, provide patient financial education, or follow up with payers regarding denied claims. Yet, to capture healthcare reimbursement, you must rethink collection strategies, proactively identify missed revenue opportunities, appeal denied claims, and more.

The only surefire way to ensure financial viability is by leaning on technology for automation. Through healthcare RCM automation, CRYPTON delivers the most important work on a silver platter, allowing you to ‘work by exception.’ You won’t get bogged down with tasks that aren’t necessary or that won’t drive dollars to your bottom line.

By combining CRYPTON’s powerful, talented and experienced team with technology with your existing practice management system, you’ll leverage comprehensive reporting to achieve best-practice performance metrics, make informed business decisions, and improve efficiencies—all while capturing the revenue you’ve earned.

Think of CRYPTON as your personal revenue detective company. CRYPTON’s comprehensive healthcare revenue cycle management solutions help you capture reimbursement, manage denials and appeals, discover hidden insurance coverage, and collect from patients. CRYPTON’s talented team is on your side providing insights and automation that help ensure your financial health and well-being.

To us, it’s not only about verifying eligibility in real-time. It’s about solutions that provide accurate patient estimations and analyses that uncover hidden coverage.

It’s not only about collecting patient payments. It’s about seamless and consumer-friendly collection processes and options that your patients expect.

It’s not only about tracking and posting payments. It’s about accelerating cash flow.

Ultimately, it’s not just about solving your healthcare revenue cycle management problems. It’s about solving those problems intuitively. Our technology-based healthcare RCM solutions anticipate each and every challenge you’ll encounter and provides automated solutions that do the work for you with minimal effort required on your part.

CRYPTON’s has—and always will—focus on making it easier for you to get paid. Plain and simple.