Denial & Appeal Management Solution

Appeal and Recover Revenue for Claim Denials

The time-consuming process of denial management—which includes tracking claim adjudication, identifying denied claims, researching reasons for denials, collecting necessary documentation, and writing and submitting appeals – need not be so laborious. CRYPTON’s Denial and Appeal Management solution reduces the time spent researching the denial and appealing each claim by high margin.

Enhance Performance

To streamline your workflow, CRYPTON automatically surfaces and routes workable denials for resolution based on your assigned workgroups while removing adjustments you don’t want staff to work. CRYPTON gives the ability to check eligibility with one click, rework, and resubmit any claims denied. CRYPTON’s Denial and Appeal Management solution also auto-populates payer-specific letters and attaches all necessary paperwork for payer appeals. Personalized performance dashboards by workgroup and individual staff member keep everyone focused on results.

Expedite Revenue Recovery

Accelerate your reimbursement with 100% paperless appeal packages. CRYPTON’s denial and appeal management solution provides the ability to auto-populate more than 900 payer- specific appeal letters. CRYPTON helps you automate the batching of appeals and attachments to payers. CRYPTON even ships and mails appeals and any associated attachments on your behalf.

Improve Financial Viability and Management

Managers can easily review performance and trends, drill down into the data to analyze root cause by reason, score and evaluate payer performance, and view clear reporting on staff performance and the financial impact of claim denials. CRYPTON ‘s Denial and Appeal Management solution integrates with practice management and health information systems. Documentation of all activity and notes are delivered back to your system daily.