Healthcare Claims Management

Gain Faster and More Accurate Claims Workflows

Filing claims and collecting payments from commercial and government payers is the financial lifeblood of your organization. Powered by insights drawn from CRYPTON’s network of thousands of providers and organizations, our award-winning claims management services streamlines and automates your entire workflow for faster and more accurate medical claims processing, lower costs, and higher efficiency.

Connect with Payers Seamlessly

With one of the most extensive real-time medical claims processing solutions in the industry, CRYPTON’s Claims Management solution offers electronic connections with payers in perfection. CRYPTON knowledge based services supports both professional and institutional claims.

Accelerate Healthcare Claims Management

With CRYPTON’s Claims Management solution, your organization benefits from an industry-leading first-pass clean claims rate that exceeds 98%. CRYPTON’s crowd sourced data from our payer edit and rules engine ensures a high likelihood that your claims are paid correctly the first time. CRYPTON scrubs and executes all claims, including batch submissions, in real-time.

Simplify Complex Healthcare Claims Management Processes

Complex and confusing rejection messages slow down the entire claim management workflow. However, with CRYPTON’s Simplified Response Message solution Booklets, users receive an easy-to-understand communication with a “How to Fix” that provides a step-by-step process to resolve a rejection or error notice.

In addition, CRYPTON’s Claims Management solution handles both primary and secondary claims. It also simplifies the process by pre-populating fields on the secondary claim using information from the payer’s returned 835 EOB. The solution also facilitates electronic claim attachment submission for workers’ compensation and auto claims.

CRYPTON’s proof of timely filing capability creates a report showing the original submission information. You can use this to accompany a denied claim if a payer says the deadline was missed.

Improve Staff Efficiency

CRYPTON’s Claims Management solution enables easy-to-create workgroups so staff members see only the claims you want them to work. Automatically assign rejections to a user or group of users based on a set of defined rules. You can also give each assignment a priority level. CRYPTON increases your efficiency by automating the payer enrollment process and minimizing disruptions during implementation.