Know More About US

Know more about us?

Imagine a high-technology driven healthcare revenue cycle management company filled with hundreds of talented and hard working people, all driven by a single vision—to make sure healthcare organizations like yours have the time, money, and insights you need to focus all your energy on your core mission: caring for your patients’ health.

We imagined it, too. And the result is Crypton Global Services LLC.

Our Story

Earlier, Healthcare providers and organizations have always needed a better way to manage healthcare reimbursement. Healthcare reimbursement-related workflows were manual, cumbersome, and convoluted. Staff members were drowning in paper, it was difficult to get paid fully—and it was impossible to get paid quickly.


Today, those revenue cycle management solutions and insights remain vital, but provider organizations face new and unprecedented challenges as reimbursement models change, patient financial responsibility soars, payments fall, and costs spiral upward.

Fortunately, we now empower healthcare organizations of all sizes and types to optimize revenue cycle include claims and AR management, charge integrity, contract management, and patient access and engagement. With our talented and hard working team with experience of more than 10+ Years, Revenue cycle management, provider credentialing, auto and workers comp claims, we bring a positive change to your practice financials.


Why Us?

Our team understands and is sensitive to the many variables and challenges today’s medical practitioners face in operating a thriving practice. Our solutions and services integrates reliability that is highly advanced in its design and able to seamlessly interface with electronic clearing houses yet has an incredible ease of use. We approach every project as a partnership and are here to lend our expertise to advance the efficiency of your office operations. Our goal is to help you maximize profit while minimizing loss. Such loss is preventable and is often associated with lack of experience, improper processing and/ or coding and a poor and/ or non-existent infrastructure. Focused on every detail and committed to the success of our partner practices, we will be there for your staff every step of the way producing optimal results.

In accordance with industry – wide standards and regulations, We are HIPAA compliant and has extensive knowledge of the laws that govern this practice. We invite you to become a US Medical Billing practice partner so you can reap the benefits our existing customers enjoy every day. Allow us to ease your frustration and worry. We will turn your medical billing/ practice management maze into a fine tuned lucrative operation.

  • Medical billing – We ensure accurate coding and timely reimbursement. We make sure to suit your practices and offer more options.

  • Helping you expand your practice – If you want to expand your practice and open new locations, we provide services to quickly and correctly credential new location and providers.

  • Industry updates – We will keep your billing updated with the latest updates in codes.

  • Practice insights – Our team will help you analyze reimbursements for same procedures from different insurances and provide the data to help negotiate with insurance companies for better reimbursement rates.