Team & Culture

One team, Many talents

Our globally spread teams bring you more than just unmatched domain range, industry expertise and hiring versatility. Embracing the quintessential spirits of diversity, collaboration and inspiration, they deliver more than just results – they drive a habit of excellence. Our team comprises people who specialize in a wide swathe of areas such as recruitment, web marketing, social media marketing, BPO work, Call Center requirements, generating content for press releases, websites, blogs, newsletters, brochures, designing websites and logos, creating company statements or mission statements of companies, proposal drafts, graphic design, and using mobile technology as well as developing new applications using mobile technology. Here’s what makes our team amongst not just our, but your, strongest fortes.

· Specialists across the hiring spectrum – Job search, Research, Sourcers, Recruiters, Business Developers, Recruitment Trainers and more.

· Lean, focussed and friendly teams working as your extended team.

· Hiring veterans synced to your time-zones and schedules.

· Global specialists with local knowledge.

· Talent professionals backed by years of industry experience.

· A team carrying a proven track record across industries and roles.

· Experts at leveraging latest technologies and practices to custom-craft best-fit solutions.

· A DNA of out-of-the-box thinking that fuels fresh answers to conventional challenges.

More than just a great place to work

A performance hub that celebrates vision, rewards ambition and cherishes character.

When you join us, you become much more than just a team. You become a part of a winning culture with a truly inclusive and global outlook. Driven by our core vision of making life easy and enriching for our clients, we try to make everyday count by not just delivering value, but making sure everyone’s done something rewarding, learnt something new, and checked-out at the end of work a better human being. Underlying it all is a keen sense of right and wrong that guides everything we do – be it standing by for a colleague, adopting a new technologies or processes or educating clients on emerging opportunities and possibilities.

Values and habits that make up our DNA.

· A passion to create unique and lasting value for clients.

· Confidence in one’s ability.

· Pride in one’s role.

· Transparency in everything we do.

· A strong sense of accountability.

· The willingness to support one’s peers.

· A habit of working hard.

· Learning from peer experiences.

· Readiness to take ownership over outcomes.

Reason we love returning to work everyday

· We are charged with a bigger goal: That of making the world a more productive place with better talent.

· Our employees are linked, not ranked.

· Co-workers are sources of inspiration, support and valuable resource.

· Ergonomically designed workspaces facilitate privacy and collaboration at the same time.

· Everyone gets personal time to explore, discover and enrich themselves.

· Gym and workouts ensure healthier employees who solve problems quicker.